Welcome to the DNS Techpack

DNS is a modpack that uses mostly technical type mods and a few others thrown in for fun. But why, you say, another modpack? Well good question. Most modpacks are groups of mods that the creator of the modpack likes, so with each modpack you get a slightly different grouping of mods. That's one reason and the fact that we have been doing this for a while and enjoy it.

This pack is made for those people that just seem to have issues getting everything installed and running together. If you have the ability to install these mods then by all means go to the mod authors threads and download them and do it yourself.


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A message from Madcock

So I figured it was time to talk about a few things, some of this is dns related and some of it is personal.  I havent been around as much the last few weeks and its only going to get worse.  For those that dont know My wife and I are expecting a baby boy in a few days.  Actually… Read more →

Regular updates will continue on…

This is a quote from our forums. Posted by IamOmicron For all DNS users: Regular updates will begin again commencing from the start of February. I will have finished all of my assignments by the 29th (hopefully) and should have plenty of spare time. Please accept my apology for the lack of content I have been able to give to… Read more →


So heres the new site.  and in this section is where we will post news for the pack and important infos.  Most of the time this info will pop up on twitter so follow us there to.  Hope you like the new digs and special thanks to alpha over at Minecraftserverdeals.com for the help setting up the new web server… Read more →

First post here!

So it was time for a change. WordPress it is. So long drupal, you POS. I plan to update and add tons of things here. This is not the final draft of this site by far, but I wanted something that was working properly. More to come soon. Read more →